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Implement PrOp – Create An Innovative Culture

The PrOp Innovative Thinking System

– A complete system for making your organization more innovative.

– Based on 10 proven principles for creating an innovative culture.

– Includes the PrOp Idea Generation Method.

– Training – Coaching – Implementation.

Implement IdeaBase – Collaborative Idea Generation

PrOp IdeaBase

– Enables ongoing, highly productive idea generation sessions.

– Everyone you invite collaborates when inspiration strikes.

– Don’t just collect ideas – actively provoke creative thinking.

– Integrates the PrOp Idea Generation Method, creativity tools, online creativity skills training.

We Facilitate PrOp Idea Generation Sessions
Online & On-Site

So Much Better Than Brainstorming

We use IdeaBase to kick-start idea collection, rate ideas, and never lose them.

Everyone gets a voice from the most outgoing to the most analytical.

The PrOp Idea Generation Method Is integrated.  Makes everyone more creative.

3 powerful creativity tools to provoke out of the box thinking.

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